Parabrahma Nityananda pleased by Ammembala Krishnabai- Part 2


Strangely, three  Krishnabais have received Grace and blessings of Parabrahma Nityananda. All three of them are very dear to Bhagavan.

When Nityananda came to the house of Ananthakrishnaraya of Manjeshwar, Kodiyal Krishnabai had served Him there, she was called Kinni. One day Bhagavan Nityananda divulged about His Stira Samadhi at Ganeshpuri, Mumbai to Krishne. When Krishnabai dejectedly asked, ‘Then we won’t have the fortune of seeing you?’ Bhagavan replied her ‘In future they will stick poles on roads, tying them with the wires they connect it to the glass bulbs in each home, I am the ray of light emitted in that bulb, and I will always be in your house in the form of light’

Udupi Tonse Krishna Bai is another disciple. Once when Sitabai and Krishnabai went to Ajjara Kadu ( forest) of Udupi, Bhagavan Nityananda was sitting on a bench there talking to a snake which He had held in his hand. Both the sisters were surprised seeing this and wondered if Bhagavan knew the language of snakes! Immediately Bhagavan asked the cobra, ‘Where are your other two companions?’ and commanded ‘get them also here’.  The cobra went and came along with two other cobras. Seeing them Bhagavan said ‘These three are yogis in disguise who have taken the form of snake to perform their sadhana’

The children of Theatre artist Ranga Rao, Ammambala Krishnabai and Pandhari Bhai, were living in Madras. Ranga Rao was an ardent devotee of  Bhagavan Nityananda who worshipped the portrait of Bhagavan and the Padukas given by Him with utmost devotion, everyday. One day there was a Yajna (sacrificial fire) being performed in a flat above theirs. The owner of the house had got a Siddha Purusha to lead and perform the Puja Rituals. Realizing that the power of the Yajna was moving out of the door, the Siddha Purusha followed those divine forces which was directly entering the house of the Rangarao and merge in the large portrait of Parabrahma Bhagavan Nityananda. Witnessing this divine incident the Siddha Mahapurusha was in tears of joy and said Bhagavantha, Nityananda, Parabrahma, the fruit of my sacrifice has reached you. I am blessed’.

Thus, all the families of three Krishnabais had the complete grace of Nityananda.

 Krishnabai’s older sister Pandharibai was a legendary figure in Kannada and Tamil cinema industry who used to act in mythological movies. She used to go to Ganeshpuri and have Bhagavan Nityananda’s darshan, also she used to take the renowned actors to Ganeshpuri along with her. She had also taken RajKumar, a renowned famous actor in Kannada Film Industry, to Bhagavan and made Him recieve Bhagavan’s blessings. Bhagavan had given the name ‘Vajreshwari Combines’ for their production company.

I had met actress Pandharibai in Mysore. For a few days I worked as a assistant director of ‘Anugraha’ movie directed by the renowned director H. L. N Simha at the Mysore Premiere Studio. In a scene being shot Pandharibai was wearing high-heeled shoes while co acting with Ashwattha. On that occasion I noticed that there were no high-heeled shoes in the olden days and brought it to her attention. She was very happy at this and told me to go to the Pandari Ashram in Trustapuram, Madras. After a few years I visited the Ashram there, she had undergone an eye operation then. I did Namaskar to her.  Saying, ‘Don’t work with the movies, you will do well’ she sent me with her blessings. Bhagavan Nityananda only could have made this suggestion through her maybe.

I have shared this story with Krishna Bai also.

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