Makar Sankranti 14.01.2022

Makar Sankranti

Wishing you all a Happy Nitya Sankranti!💙🌺✨

Through the Grace of Shrotriya Brahma Nishta Sadguru the Kundalini, Chitishakti, lying dormant in downward (adhomukha) direction, awakens and starts ascending upward in Urdhwamukha piercing through all the Chakras and reaches its abode in Sahasrara merging with the Shiva, Nityeshvara, there, which shines brilliantly like the radiance of a thousands of sun. This upward shift towards enlightenment is Uttarayana, ascending higher for this Ultimate wisdom is Sankramana. This divine light is the MakaraJyoti, Jnanajyoti, Nityajyoti, one must see within Self. The divine flow of nectar from there is the eternal flow of Holy Ganga, Jnana Ganga, where one must take a dip! Only this leads one to Nitya Ananda, the true state of a being!

Wishing you all a Happy Nitya Sankramana! May the albundance of Unconditional love, prosperity of divine wisdom and everlasting Nityanandam be yours!

Vijayananda Swamy
Nityananda Dhyana Mandir Bevinkoppa

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