Bhagwan always emphasized on selfless service, which means being of service to mankind without any self motives. Wherever Baba wandered, food always was in abundance and the first basic thing He also suggested all to follow was to feed the hungry and provide them with basic human needs, only after which can one seek higher goals of life. Being heavily inspired by Bhagwan’s words and works, Anandashram, Bevinkoppa’s vision also unites with that of Bhagwan, to do whatever in the highest of motives of being of some or the other help to the creation.

Walking on the footsteps of Bhagwan Nityananda, our vision is:

  • To provide regular balbhojans for poor children and encourage nourishment.
  • To provide health rejuvination systems.
  • To promote oneness by allowing all to do arati and touch holy padukas.
  • To curb discrimination in religion, caste, creed, and promote the only religion – humanity.
  • To educate the poor and needy children.
  • To discourage superstition.
  • To provide homes to the poor.
  • To provide sources of income through education in skilled practices.

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