Audio Book – Chidakasha Gita of Bhagwan Nityananda (Kannada)

The CHIDAKASHA GITA is the compilation of precious words of Bhagwan Nityananda of Ganeshpuri and Kanhangad spoken in elevated states of consciousness, which was written and compiled by Tulsi Amma in Kannada language, which later was translated into English, Hindi, Malayalam, and other languages. Efforts have been made by Swami Vijayananda to take the teachings and elaborate it extensively with reference to many other precious teachings of the Avadhootas, the liberated ones. The English translation of this audio book will also be published soon on the youtube channel

Narration: Swami Vijayananda

More Audio Books in multi-languages coming up on channel.Stay tuned!

This audio/video belongs to Nityananda Dhyana Mandir, Bevinkoppa, managed by Swami Vijayananda.

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