Origin of Mahamantra

I met Chandrashekar Shetty of Mumbai at the inaugural function of Nityananda Mandir constructed by CBD Bhaskar of NaviMumbai, he told me about a very important incident witnessed by him in the presence of Bhagavan. He used to sing Bhajans, he had become beloved of Bhagavan Nityananda singing Bhajans in Ganeshpuri events. He said that when Bhagavan was there, during that time itself grouping among the devotees of Bhagavan Nityanand had begun and few conflicts also arose due to this in Ganeshpuri; Pujya Muktananda Paramhamsa’s devotees chanted ‘Om Namah Shivay’ and Bhagavan’s other disciple Saligram Swamy’s demanded that “Sri Ram Jai Ram Jai Jai Ram’ has to be chanted. Discrepancies between the two groups grew to fights. The saddest part of it is that the nuisance happened in the presence of Bhagavan Nityananda and neither of the groups was ready for compromise. Chandrashekar Shetty stood spellbound beside Bhagavan Nityananda. Immensely pained by this incident, Pujya Saligram Swamy left Ganeshpuri. Bhagavan shouted loudly “where is my Saligrama? Where is he? Today onwards in this place there is no discrepancy between Shiva and Rama, chant only ‘Om Namo Bhagavathe Nityanandaya’ mantra”. There was no disparity or conflicts between Pujya Saligram Swamy and Pujya Muktanand Swamy but it was among their devotees.


Shri Chandrashekar Shetty who narrated this incredible incident to me merged in Bhagavan Nityananda chanting his name in his Thane residence, in August, 2020. With utmost desire to talk to Chandrashekar Shetty and seek his permission to mention his address and contact number in my article I called up a devotee of Nityananda, Bhaskar Shetty, and learned about his departure from life. Bhaskar Hegde of Samadhana Hotel, Ramu Naika, and other Devotees of Bhagavan Nityananda have continued to chant the same Mahamantra since that day, and every evening in front of Bhagavan’s idol in Samadhi Mandir they chant the mahamantra. Same Mahamantra was conferred to Tulasi Mata and Lalita Mauli who merged in Nityananda chanting the mahamantra.


Swamy Vijayananda

Nityananda Dhyana Mandir Bevinkoppa

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