Why to chant Mahamantra?

Let us reminiscing the Bhagavan Nityananda through the mantra “Om Namo Bhagavate Nityanandaya”, who is the root cause of the world, Lord Ishwar and Parabrahma, who has filled consciousness (chaitanya) in all the beings and bestows them with His grace.


 The Sadguru mantra, “Om Namo Bhagavate Nithyanandaya”, is the taraka mantra. It fulfills the desires of the devotees like Kamadhenu and Kalpavriksha. It stimulates the intellect towards a righteous way. It makes the precious human life delighful.


This mantra is propitious in Kaliyuga. This mahamantra is the seed of the dharmarupi vriksha (tree of Dharma) for Mumukshus in Moksha Sadhana to attain the Supreme Paramatma which annihilates all the defects, sanctifies the impurities.


Japa is a continuous stream of love flowing from the heart. Looking at the world with love is Japa. Chanting of the Nama makes us reminiscing the Lord endlessly. It is from this chanting that the Kundalini in somber awakens and shines in Her effulgence. In its splendor and serenity, the divine play of Nityananda (Nityananda Lila) will be visible in the Hridayakash.


The bliss that Japa has bestowed will be perpetuated by Seva (service). Service with Love has no selfishness. The fetters of karma get dismissed there. The Nishkama karma (action without desires for fruit) that has no expectations or desires for fruits is attained by japa. The Namas originated from Omkar merge in Omkar. is found in experience. There is no difference in ‘Nama’ and ‘Mantras’ is realised in the experience of bliss.


In worldly terms this Japa bestows us good health, resolves obstacles in employment, marriage, reproduction, home and business and brings prosperity to our home and heart. Spiritually speaking, it conferring us Peace, Bliss, and Knowledge, it brings about the Satya Darshan (vision of Truth). In Kaliyuga it is easy to practice and the greatest chanting.


Join in the chanting “Om Namo Bhagavate Nithyanandaya” which is easy to follow in Kaliyuga yet phenomenal that brings bliss instantly while chanting itself and become part of GuruKripa.

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