Glory of Mahamantra

Mantra conferred by Guru is full of consciousness and life (Chaitanya and Prana), Sarvatra Nirguna Parashiva (Parashiva who is devoid of qualities always) does not endeavor anything without Shakti. Thus Guru’s Shakti is quintessential in the Mantra that sadhaka chants to become Siddha. When the sadhaka becomes Siddha wherever his eyes cast vision, he sees the rays of light amplified from the effulgence of his soul there. This way a yogi who has received the kriyayoga diksha becomes exuberant in bliss and intoxicated in bliss (Anandonmattha). Yogi who has received the Shaktipath Diksha called Siddha Mahayoga also receives Bhukthi Mukthi (worldly pleasures and liberation) through Mantra and YogaSadhana. The Siddha Mahayoga’s Mahamantra ‘Om Namo Bhagavathe Nityanandaya’ is a Dharmarahasya (the secret of dharma), Ajatavaada Tattva. Quite a lot of devotees do not know that this Mahamantra was imparted by Avadhutha Bhagavan Nityananda himself like Amrithvrishti (rains of nectar). This Mahamantra which came from Chidakashrupi Parashiva Parabrahma is full of consciousness (Chaitanya) and life (praana), devoid of Maya, Nirgun, Nirakar Brahma that a Sadhaka attains liberation as result (Moksharupa Phal).


Om Namo Bhagavathe Nityanandaya Mahamantra is like Kalpavriksha, Kamadenu, Pratyaksha Phalaprada (boon-giving), Sadhaka attains the ultimate goal (paramartha siddhi) chanting this divine mantra which is the wisdom incarnate and noble of all other mantras (sarvottam jnanaswarup paramshresht mantr). “Om Namo Bhagavate Nityanandaya” is the Mahamantra that came from the divine voice (divyavani) of Parabrahma directly, no other Avatar purushas (incarnated beings) have instructed to recite their name. Nityananda is not the name, his name was Rama, Nityananda is a state of perpetual bliss, hence Bhagavan also chanted Nityananda. The powerful mantra bestowed to the entire world and universe by the form-less and name-less Parabrahma himself is “Om Namo Bhagavate Nityanandaya”.


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