Bhagavan Nityananda Ashram, Munavalli, Savadatti Taluk, Belgaum

  1. After being with Sogala Ajja and incessantly offering his seva there, Param Pujya Shree Vijayananda Swamyji wandered about Belgaum district as per the cosmic pull until he met Pujya Vijayananda Swamy of Mallur Nityananda Ashram who, at that time, was in Munavalli establishing another Nityananda Ashram there. He asked Swamyji to stay in the Mallur Ashram and continue the Sadhana there. Swamyji spent most of his time in Dhyana here and tutoring a few village children who stayed with him. This is where he had many mystical experiences that led him to explore the divine tunnel further which got him to the Siddhabhoomi Bevinkoppa. Words uttered by the Avadhootas always come true and so did Swamyji’s “The place where you stay will become Kailash”, indeed Anandashram Bevinkoppa has become the Kailash of Bhagavan Nityananda now.

All of this started flashing in my mind when myself, Mallikarjun Pujer and Umesh Pujer from Ashram along with Swamyji visited Bhagavan Nityananda’s Ashram of Munavalli on 26th February. The Ashram has Pujya Swamy Vijayananda’s Samadhi now. The devotees of the Ashram had tape-recorded the commentaries given by Pujya Vijayananda Swamy on Kaivalya Paddati of Nijaguna Shivayogi, which they had compiled and published as a book. Swamyji was invited to grace this event as Chief Guest where Pujya Swamyji of Devara Hubli and Pujya Muktananda Swamyji were also present.

It’s surprising to know that there are many Bhagavan’s Ashrams across the world, which are unknown to most of His devotees. It was indeed a beautiful experience to visit the Ashram, listen to the devotees there singing the Bhajans of Nityananda written by Swamyji. Below are a few images from the Ashram.

  • Namo Nityanandaya
  • Ramya Poojari
  • Nityananda Dhyana Mandir Bevinkoppa

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