When the Divinities Meet!

On March 10th, March 2022 Pujya Vijayananda Swamy visited Pujya Avadhoota Vinaya Guruji at Gaurigadde Ashram along with Mallikarjun Pujera, Sarojamma, and Dr. Subhash Shivangoudar on his Nitya Tattva Prachar campaign.

In the holy place established by the divine hands of Pujya Vinay Guruji, Swamyji discussed Nitya Tattva Prachar and the precious grantha of Bhagavan Nityananda, ‘Chidakashgita’. Pujya Vinay Guruji being a devotee of Bhagavan himself expressed great regard for the assiduous efforts undertaken by Pujya Swamyji towards Nitya Tattva Prachar and said that ‘Vijayananda Swamyji is the one who is making the Nitya Tattva reach each and every household of His devotees, He has incarnated for the same purpose to disseminate Nitya Tattva. Now in today’s time, Pujya Vijayananda Swamyji is the only one in Nityananda Parampara for us now following the footsteps of Bhagavan ‘. Both the Masters discussed various spiritual matters that gave natural satsang opportunity for the devotees. During this Pujya Avadhoota Vinay Guruji was also invited to the upcoming Anniversary Celebrations of our Ashram.

Nothing can be more gratifying than a Divine Satsang!

  • Namo Nityanadaya
  • Nityananda Dhyana Mandir, Bevinkoppa

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