Happy Datta Jayanti!


“Datta, Datta” ie the sound of our heartbeat we hear in our chest, it sounds as “Datta, Datta”, says Avadhoota Parabrahma Bhagavan Nityananda!

Siddha-Avadhoota is he who transcends Upasana (spiritual practices) and Upadesha (preaching). He who stands beyond the Name, Form, Region, Time, Action and Cause is Dattatreya!

He who transcends all the Trigunas (three qualities) such as Rajoguna, Tamoguna, Sattva Guna is Atreya, that Atreya is Dattatreya!

Anusuya who has no Aase (Desire), Asuya (Envy) is Dattatreya!

The Chidakashroop which has no directions like East, West, North, the Ambara (Sky) of no directions is Digambara, Digambara is Dattatreya!

Parabrahma who perfoms the acts Creation, Sustenance and Dissolution as Brahma, Vishnu and Maheshwara is Nityananda, and Nityananda himself is Dattatreya!

The entire universe is brimming with Vishvatmaka Nityaa Ananda (eternal bliss pervading all over the universe), The Supreme Principle Nityananda – ie Dattatreya is Shiva, Shiva is the Guru, Guru is Datta, and Datta himself is Nityananda!

  • Swami Vijayananda
  • Nityananda Dhyana Mandir Bevinkoppa
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