Under the divine wraps of Bhagavan!

Distribution of Sweaters to Children of Bevinkoppa!

When Bhagavan ventured into Ganeshpuri and made the inhabitable forest His home, the first thing he worked towards was ameliorating the sufferings of adivasis (tribal people) there. He made sure they got enough food to eat, clothing to protect, made roads, built schools, hospital, police station and what not. The Ashram for Him was made by others, He never wanted it for Himself, never did He do or want anything for Himself.

Following the footsteps of Bhagavan, Param Pujya Swamy Vijayananda has been working tirelessly for over 30 years to improve the condition of village and to provide basic necessities to them in all the ways possible. Whenever any devotee visits ashram and asks what he wanted, he would not even ask for Ashram, his immediate response would be the children, villagers, those in need of food, education, jobs, he never asked anything for Himself. Its rare to see someone walk the path of Bhagavan true to its every word as Swamy Vijayananda.

A couple of days back when one of the devotees called up Swamyji and asked he wanted to contribute (devotee has requested to remain anonymous) to Ashram, Swamyji said ‘this winter has been very cold, maybe distributing sweaters to the children will be a good idea’. The devotee was so happy hearing this and he immediately sent the required money. Swamyji himself went to the store with us travelling a long distance and picked the sweaters for children making sure of various sizes for different age groups. On 6th Dec 2021 we distributed the sweaters and sweets to the children, we had planned it for 50 children since the amount was enough only for that but unexpectedly Ashram was flooded with nearly 100 children. Swamyji immediately decided to arrange sweaters for other children also from Ashraam fund, but later when the devotee became aware of the crisis, he generously supplied the funds for the rest of children as well. Hence on 7th Dec, we distributed the sweaters to the children we had not received.

And not to miss, the kids roaming around the ashram flaunting their new sweaters adjusting their hoods in glee was nothing but Nityanandam to the Soul!     

This is the divine play of Bhagavan. You don’t need to have resources to give, the pure intention to give and help someone makes you the divine instrument of Him and the resources will reach out to you for such divine cause. Open your hearts and fill it with the ever showering Grace of Bhagavan! And remember, you are ever protected and loved in His divine wraps!

Pranam to Bhagavan Nityananda and Param Pujya Swamy Vijayananda for showing the path of real joy and eternal bliss, Nityananda!

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