Jan S Jogreen from Sweden

Anandashrama and Sweden’s Yoga sadhak Jan.S.Jogreen

This is an experience shared by Jan , who was the first foreign visitor to visit and stay back in Anandashrama. Jan was from Sweden who have visited Anandashrama at Bevinakoppa during the initial time when Pujya Vijayananada Swamiji has just established Anandashrama at 1993. Once when he had been to kanhangad he met a devotee of Bhagwan Nithyananda who was 60 years old lady. Her name was Victoria and she was from England. She was facing Asthma from many years for this problem Pujya Swami Vijayananada from Bevinakoppa had treated her with medication and she was cured. Later when she asked been to Ramanamahashri ashram, she met Jan from Sweden . Jan was suffering from siviour Headache, cold, and issues related to mucus. Jan used to suffer from constipation which used later lead to his siviour headaches. So Victoria asked him to visit Bevinakoppa Anandashrama and gave him the address and the contact number of Pujya Vijayananada Swamiji.

That’s Jan came to Bevinakoppa. Jan was the yoga sadak from Radha swami sathsangha Kendra. Hence he was a vegetarian. Pujya Vijayananada Swamiji used to live in small straw Hut where there was no proper facility for bathroom and toilet. Behind the kutera a cave made out mud was being made where Jan used to do his sadhana by which his headaches disappeared. Jan stayed back in the ashram for around two months. Pujya Vijayananada Swamiji asked about his health issues Pujya Vijayananada Swamiji realized that Jan’s health issues were due to the constipations he had. Hence Pujya Vijayananada Swamiji treated Jan with his medication. Pujya Vijayananada swami gave him a tablet called Echabhedhi Rasa, which costed on 50 paisa and he took only how the tablet costed. Having taken this tablet for a day Jan stayed back for a day in a hotel and all his mucus flushed from his system after which Swamiji gave one more medication named Brahmarasayana by which he got completely cured from all of his health issues which he was being suffering from several years. With in one week Jan got completely cured and became a member of the ashram. He used to sit along with Pujya Vijayananada swami and do his meditation and became a disciple of Bhagwan Nithyananda. Through the picture of Bhagwan Nithyananda Jan received the shakthipath Deeksha. After which Jan came back to the ashram a couple of times.

Once when Jan visit the ashram he had accompanied with a lady named Urlica from Sweden. She was suffering from jumping cancer also called as Kurmabhadha. In this disease the body used to develop lumps in shape of a tortoise which used to turn up into boils. In spite of trying out all medical help she was unable to get cured. She used to stay in Bailhongal guest house and she used to meditate in the ashram from night to early morning. Due to which she used to Ananda and used to forget here disease.

After leaving from the ashram and going back to her hometown Sweden she kept chanting “Om namo Bhagavathe Nithyanandaya “. After few days she had a deep feeling that her husband is being separated from her. As she kept chanting the mantra and change developed between them, her husband stared to care and love here and spoke with love and affection.

One day in her dreams Pujya Vijayananada swami came and gave his darshan and blessed her and told her a specific date November 11 th and told her that on that specific date she would be free from all her physical and mental suffering as she would be become one with Bhagwan Nithyananda. This was the message she had received in her dream. Urlica had a word with Jan regarding the message she received in her dream. After which exactly on the same day November 11th that was mentioned in her dream she took her last breath and left her body. Before leaving her body Urlica had sent a letter mentioning all about her experience and also about her dream. As it was many years ago unfortunately the letter sent by her is being lost.

After Urlica passing away Jan had visited Anandashrama and had shared this incident with Pujya Vijayananada swami. That was the last visit from Jan to the ashram.

Here below I would like share Jan’s experience in Anandashrama Bevinakoppa.

Jan says – coming to this ashram today as a visitor, I am impressed with the simplicity, Serenity, Peace and Joy that is being prevalent here. The atmosphere here for Prayer and meditation is very good. This place will be a place where a lot of Devoted people will be going to come for sadhana. This is a place which will inspire people from all over the earth, people who come here will return with their hearts filled with Love ( Prema) and Peace ( Shanthi). My heartfelt wishes and blessings from God to all the people who visit here and live here and also to this Divine place.

🙏Namo Nithyanandaya 🙏

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