Rajesh Pai from Karkala

🙏 Om namo Bhagavathe Nithyanandaya 🙏

A Divine experience by Rajesh Pai from Karkala

Bantwal a place which has always witnessed many miracles of Bhagwan Nithyananda. This place is been my hometown as my grandfather used to live there. My ancestors and family members have always been a deep devotees of Bhagwan Nithyananda and his dear shishya Pujya Govinda swami. It once happened so that Pujya Govinda swami had visited our house accompanying with my grandfather Ramesh Prabhu. Pujya Govinda swami came and sat down on the wooden cot and became Dhyanasaktha and suddenly opened his eyes and said that by tomorrow this house should be demolished and rebuild, if not demolished then problem would never end.

As per the words by Pujya Govinda swami my Grandfather demolished the house. As we demolished a surprising shock was awaiting. On the cot where my Grandfather used to used sleep on to the right side of it there was a platform cut from a rock which was in a position to collapse. This platform was being attached next to a huge deep well. Pujya Govinda swami saved my Grandfather’ life, and by his grace our family was saved.

When Govinda swami used to stay in smashana ( Burial ground) my Mother Geetha. S. Pai used to daily carry food for him. Pujya Govinda Swami who was in the Avadhootha Sthithi used throw stones towards her. My mother who was at the age of 14 never used to get scared of the Avadhootha but carry food for him daily.

Pujya Govinda swami used to teach my mother to do the namasmarana of Bhagwan Nithyananda. Which she has continued saying daily even now –

Harashiva varnabhava Nithyanandaya
Shivahara varnabhava Nithyanandaya
Om namo Bhagavathe Nithyanandaya.

Later we got shifted to Venoor, Karkala. Pujya Govinda swami visited our house and gave a hundred rupees note and eight ten rupees note which I have still kept it safely in our house. After receiving this money from Avadhootha Govinda swami our family flourished. It once happened so that Pujya Govinda swami came and layed his hand on my head and blessed me. During that time I used to do my sadhana at Kinnigoli’s shakthi darshana yogashrama. At that time during my sadhana I could see a aged mahatma with white beard and hair. Whom I was unable to recognize. Recently when I had been to Bantwal Bhagwan katte (platform) Nithyananda Ashram there I saw a man selling books. There in the bundle of books underneath it I could see a book with green cover , which I picked up and saw. It had a title named ‘ Shakthipath yoga rahasya ‘. Which I bought and started reading it. While reading it I was excited and with in few days I went Bevinakoppa ashram and met Pujya swami Vijayananada. Having a look at him I was shocked, the white beard man whom I used to see in my was meditation was exactly the same as swami Vijayananada. Throw him I got the sparsh shakthipath Deeksha and I was asked to stay back for three days. Swami Vijayananada used keep telling me do your meditation. On my last day he called me and said ‘ you are from Venoor the place which belonges to Manjeshwar temple and I am from manjeshwar and later disclosed many things for which on hearing it I was shocked.

On my second visit to Bevinakoppa I completely forgot my hunger as I did not feel hungry. For two days I sat inside the cave down and meditate. Later swami Vijayananada told me that this was a Sidha here you will get anything that you want. Later when I went and sat down in the Nithyananda cave I could see thousands of cave. I could see Kalabhairava, Veerabhadra, a huge tortoise, Dattatraya appeared. Later underneath the Avadumbara I could see a huge beautiful tortoise ,after which through the underground tunnel I could see far away visions , from Bevinakoppa to kanhangad, guruvana caves which took me to thousands of tunnels . There I could see a small pond in which the water was as like milk white in color. Which was the Guruvana’s papavinashini Ganga which was the origin place of it.

Later Pujya swami Vijayananada asked me to sit under the Ashwath tree. When I was meditating suddenly I felt that I had gone some where where I was able to Pujya swami Vijayananada’s 20 years of hard sadhana inthe little straw Hut which at present Mukthidham at Bevinakoppa, where I could see tulsi Amma opening the door of Mukthidham and coming out and going inside. I had this twice where I could see Tulsi amma, like this I was able to have the Divya darshana of Tulsi amma. In every place of Anandashrama at Bevinakoppa I was able feel the unexpressable experience. The equality in the ashram, the simplicity of Swamiji , seeing at his Avadhootha sithi I was surprised.

The view of the innocent children of the ashram performing the puja in the ashram is really joyable. Swami Vijayananada asked me to sit in the ashram and meditate while the children perform the puja. As per his words I sat for meditation , I could see there people wearing green colored Jubbaha (a kind of dress worn specialty by soldiers) and holding swords and rolling down drenched with blood. This land was earlier was a battlefield of Sangoli Rayanna ,this was told to me by Swamiji.

Later when I opened my eyes and saw that the children who where busy playing the rhythm with the cymbals and singing Nithyananda’s bhajans who looked like rishi Munis and rushi Munis could be seen as children. At one point I could not believe my eyes, rubbing my eyes I saw the same thing. Later in the place where Swamiji used to mediate the Guru nivas where towards the north direction a vision of blue color like a sea came and surrounded me and ashram. The blue light was so strong that it was enough to pierce into the eyes so when I opened my eyes I was able to see the same blue light. At last a sparkling silver colored huge Trishul and a silver colored huge cobra came before me. Later when I sat in Mukthidham I was able to get the darshana of many sidhapurushas. Later Swamiji told me that many Sidha Munis come here to seek the darshana of Bhagwan Nithyananda. This is a punya kshetra, as here we follow Bhagwan Nithyananda’s thathavas that’s it. Bhagwan Nithyananda is Parabrahma, Swamiji told me many secrets of this places and I have received his blessings. He also told me that I have also received the blessings of Bhagwan Nithyananda and Pujya Govinda swami.

After coming back from Bevinakoppa I told my mother about Pujya Vijayananada swami for which she asked me to bring him once to our house as she desired to see him. By then I received a call from Pujya swami Vijayananada that he was in bantwal saying that he is on his way to my house and asked for the proper address. I gave him directions towards our house and within two hours he was in our house seeing him come home there was no boundaries for my joy and I remembered the word’s of Pujya swami Vijayananada that – everything spoken, being made, carried away by Bhagwan Nithyananda himself. I came to who Pujya swami Vijayananada was but he told me not to say as it your feelings and thoughts. By writing down this article I would like share that, in my life I had the darshana of an Avadhootha named Pujya Govinda swami and now I had the darshana and had Guru kripa from one more Avadhootha Pujya swami Vijayananada. I got a devine opportunity to mediate and do my sadhana in a Sidha bhoomi like Bevinakoppa which could be the fruits of good deeds of my purva janma. Even though I am in venoor my soul and hear would always remain at Bevinakoppa a place where Bhagwan Nithyananda, Pujya Govinda swami and many other siddhars reside.

Nithyananda Bhagwan ki Jai
Sadhguru Govinda swami ki jai

🙏Namo Nithyanandaya 🙏

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