Repica Anand the Miraculous baby

Richard from Germany had visited our Bevinakoppa for sadhana and Dhyan. He had received shakthipath Deeksha in America from Pujya Sidha Guru Pujya Mukthanada Paramahamsa’s shishya Chithvilas Ananda. After coming here Richard asked me – how many days could he stay here in our ashram as Richard had no money with him. On hearing this I replied saying – you can stay here as many days as he wished to, Money is not important. Hearing me Richard replied saying – in your ashram do we have any rules and regulations to be followed. I said – there are no rules and regulations to be followed here, when you are hungry eat food, when you are sleepy go to sleep, when you are awake meditate that’s it but here only ” Om namo Bhagavathe Nithyanandaya ” nama smarana should be made other than that no other nama smarana should not be made.

Hence day and night chanting and doing the nama smarana of “Om namo Bhagavathe Nithyanandaya ” , Richard lived here for one year. One day all of a sudden from a little island of Austria Richards friend called him up on the telephone . Her son had fell into the bath tub and had drank a lot of water due to which he was unable to breathe. Hence she was anxited and had called. When Richard told me about this incident I just asked him to keep chanting Om namo Bhagavathe Nithyanandaya and me and Richard sat together and started to chant the Mantra.

As we kept chanting the mantra in our ashram at Bevinakoppa, meanwhile there in Austria in that lady’s house suddenly a dark complexioned man like a Negro came into her house and took the child in his hands and holding him upside down, holding his legs tightly in his hands and started to rotate the child suddenly the threw out the swallowed water and regained it’s consciousness back. The dark complexioned man came out of the house and walked and vanished. When the lady wanted to thank and give some money as a token of thanks to the man and searched the man all over the small island , they were unable to find him .

Later when Richard sent him Bhagwan Nithyananda’s picture to her she told that the dark complexioned man who came and saved her children was none other than Bhagwan Nithyananda himself. Knowing this the lady renamed her child’s name as ” Repica Ananda ” .She added ” Ananda ” after the name.

During my wandering age I had once been to Ganeshpuri where I had stayed for a couple of days, when I was in Ganeshpuri near the samadhi of Bhagwan I used to see people chanting constantly “On namo Bhagavathe Nithyanandaya ” mantra , which made me quite irritated and think why people kept chanting just one mantra constantly . Thinking so and being irritated I slept near the samadhi of Bhagwan and suddenly I started to chant the same mantra without my notification and after which I never stopped chatting it. This was the mantra Deeksha given to me by Bhagwan Nithyananda himself. Later when I came to Bevinakoppa and started to live in a little straw Hut build by the localities I continued chanting the mantra and meditate thus after becoming mantra Maya and I was able to attain sampoorna anugraha by Bhagwan. Only receiving Deeksha from a Guru who has has become mantra Maya and has attained sampurnathava and by having the blessings from such a Guru and chanting it in a Sidha bhoomi it is possible. This land of Bevinakoppa is a Sidha bhoomi. Such miracles are only possible in a Sidha bhoomi. Only by chanting ” Om namo Bhagavathe Nithyanandaya ” mantra and doing Bhagwan’s Namasmarana , the merciful Bhagwan Nithyananda will at once comes towards his devotees. This land Bevinakoppa where Nithyananda Dhyan mandir is being built is a Sidha bhoomi which is being Pre blessed with everything here we have to nothing but only meditate and do the namasmarana of Bhagwan.

🙏Namo Nithyanandaya 🙏

Details given by – Pujya Swami Vijayananda

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