Voice of Mahatmas

Swamy Chinmayananda says ‘we won’t get Poorna Darshana (absolute vision) only through seeing and hearing about it, the Satya (absolute truth) of It gets obscured to a large extent due to the name, form and other attributes. The mind has to sink in the inner realm (antaranga) to realise the absolute truth.  To cross the boundaries of name and form one must do dhyaana and tread towards shunya (nothingness). Saluting the coat or crown of Maharaj hung on the pole is of no use. What’s the use of saluting the doffed khavi (saffron robes) of Mahathmas.  What’s the use of saluting the uniform of police officer?  Attires get the respect only when its’ donned by its’ owners (relevant people). Similarly, our body gets respect and recognition only when the Aathma Chaitanya is inside, when it’s there, it’s valued. If the soul leaves body, then it becomes corpse, only the skeleton, it has no value. They offer it to burial ground or fire. Similarly, when idols of clay, stone and gold were made and called as God, people believed them to be God. It has strongly deep rooted within their mind that it’s not possible for them to believe now that it’s not God. But the idol itself is not God, through the idol one must reminiscing God.  Idol is made to evoke the sense of surrenderness, idol and temple are required to nullify the sense ego, to nurture the sense of ‘God is taking care of everything, not me’.

Vaidikas have brought the sense of fear of death that ‘God curses, everything is over after the death’. We must attain the Paramathma jnana (wisdom of Supreme Being) that God dwells within us only through constant Sadhana like Anushtan, Dhyaan, Tap mentioned in Vedas. Mukti Darshana is when one yearns to attain the ‘Para’(That), surrenders oneself renouncing the ‘Iha’(this), where Mana (mind) and Buddhi (Intellect) dissolves in Soul. We journey towards Shanti (peace), Samadhana (contentment) and Aathmasakshatkar (Self- Realization) when we refuse the transient pleasures of external world. We must move from darkness towards light, GuruKripa (grace of guru) is crucial for this.

Acharya Rajanish Osho says ‘You may be a Hindu, Muslim, Jain, Christian, be anything, it does not make any difference, reality of the individuals behind the mask of Hindu, Christian, Muslim is same. Only the words, attires worn and costumes are different but the person visiting the Temple, Church and Mosque is not different. Apart from the difference in faces, it’s the same artificial face, it’s just a mask. Behind the mask is the same personality, same anger, same desire, same conflict, same beastliness, same avarice, same discrimination, same hatred, same jealousy, and same dream. Is the sexuality of a Muslim different from Hindu’s? Is the cruelness of a Christian different from Hindu? Religions are different but the underlying reality is same.

There is only one solution to all this, Ajatavada Tattva of Bhagavan Nityananda must come into practice, which says the entire universe must become one country loving all the Religions, Dharmas, Languages and other differences equally. Bhagavan says ‘Don’t look at God in parts, see Him as Whole’.

Nityam, Shubham, Anandam

Kattaleyinda Belakinedege Grantha (Darkness to Light)

Swamy Vijayananda

Anandashram, Bevinkoppa

English Translation: Ramya Poojari

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