Nityananda, the immeasurable bliss!

Bhagavan Nityananda is Parabrahma, Ajatavada Tattva, the unborn supreme principle which is ever existing, the same essence which we all are made up off. Hence Bhagavan lived such a generous and benevolent life to pave a path for all of us to follow, the foundation of which was Samadrishti (equanimity), to see every being as same and One with Him, serve the helpless and needy without any barriers of caste, creed or social status. Such self-less and unconditional love towards all transcends one spiritually and helps one realize the Ajatavada Tattva of Bhagavan.

Param Pujya Swamy Vijayananda, the epitome of a true devotee of Bhagavan Nityananda, has been tirelessly walking the path of Bhagavan all through his life living His teachings. And today Nityananda Dhyana Mandir, Anandashram, Bevinkoppa stands on the same Tattva of Bhagavan Nityananda which is practiced by Swamy Vijayananda. Not only at Ashram level but His service of disseminating Bhagavan’s teachings has reached nook and corner of the world, attracting devotees and disciples from various states, countries and different schools of spirituality to the Holy land of Siddhas, Bevinkoppa Ashram.

Ashram, under the guidance and leadership of Swamyji has always been working closely with the needs of children and the poor, and various other social causes with the support of many devotees who have been playing quintessential roles in the backstage of all these activities. On 19th Novemeber 2021, nearly 60 children from Bevinkoppa school were provided with a pair of dress each in Anandashram Bevinkoppa, sponsored by Retired Engineer Sri Ramesh Jangal and his family members. In one of the conversations, when the head master of the school, Mr Vali, mentioned that few of the children are not much privileged to buy good clothes and wear it to school on non-uniform days, Swamyji immediately said ‘We shall arrange for it. Give us the list of children”. No sooner than He thought that the children must not be deprived of such basic necessities and discussed in the ashram, immediately Mr Jangal wanted to take this up voluntarily and saw to it that the good quality material was delivered. The joy in the eyes of those children when they received new clothes, changed the look of the ashram into festivity adding colors of joy, that happiness was unmissable, and that is what is experiencing Nityananda all about, touching lives!

Connect, share and care at your own capacity, more than how much or what you spend, what you receive is uncountable! Nityananda, the immeasurable bliss!

Here are the few glimpses from the event.

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