Important Notice from Ashram to all the Devotees

With the Blessings of Bhagawan Nithyananda, “Anandashram” was founded by Swami Vijayananda in the early 1990s. The existence of Anandashram came with a beautiful divine experience which Param Pujya Vijayanand Swamiji had and mentioned in the website

Swami Vijayananda was born in Manjeshwar, Karnataka, India in 1950 in a wealthy family. Twenty-three years before his birth, Bhagwan Nityananda had visited his home to meet his grandfather, who was a devotee of Bhagwan. He used to sit on a chair in Swamiji’s home, which is even now preserved. These gestures of Bhagwan marked significance in this family. Further, Swamiji’s life had been filled with Blessings of different Avathoothas and Masters from various lineages, some of them are mentioned in this link

The entire life of Swamiji had gone in the praise of Bhagawan Nithyananda and Dhyana. Bhagawan Nithyananda has always emphasized Dhyana, he had once mentioned “The Heart is the hub of all Scared places. Go there and roam.” Bhagawan has never given any preaching or any Kriya Technique to be practiced. Just thinking of Bhagwan Nithyananda itself is enough, what has to happen would happen. Bhagawan was in such a profound stithi that he was the highest state of Avathootha which we refer to as Jeevan Mukth Sthiti. Bhagawan Nithyananda had created few caves where the present Ashram is present in Kanhangad, Kerala, also Bhagawan took Jeeva Samadhi in Ganeshpuri, Mumbai where we have the other Ashram.

In the same manner, Swami Vijayananda has given highest importance to Dhyana at Anandashram. Swamiji always mentions that “Shabda ka anthya hi Dhyana ka aaramb hai” which means “End of sound (word/prayer) is the beginning of Dhyana”.

Swamiji offers Mantra Diksha to devotees of Bhakthi Marg at Ashram and other places. Shaktipath Diksha is given through the Padukas of Bhagwan Nithyananda at Anandashram Bevinkoppa which had consecrated by five different Avathootha. He goes by the Siddhamahayog Shaktipath essence: ‘Yoga is not about doing something, its’ a process that unravels on its own within the Sadhak through the Grace and Shakti of Guru’. Anandashram is a sacred place for Dhyana, disciples, or seekers who want to be immersed in silence and Dhyana, this would the right place.

About Anandashram and Trust:

Anandashram is in a village named Bevinakoppa which is an hour drive from Dharwad or Belgaum. Anandashram does not come under the Trust and Management of Swami Nithyananda Ashram Public Trust at Kanhangad or Shree Bhimeshwar Sadhguru Nithyanad Sanstha Trust, Ganeshpuri. Anandashram has its own managed trust and is independent.

*There are NO Branches of Anandashram, Bevinkoppa anywhere around the world. Anandashram does not preach or teach any Yoga Asanas or any form of Hatha Yoga apart from Bevinkoppa.*

In the future, Anandashram plans to construct “Sri Nithyananda Shakti Patha Maha Yoga Vijnana Kendra” where there could be basic program on Pranayama and further other programs may be designed from time to time. Ashram has built Nityananda Seva Samitis around few places in Karnataka, Mumbai, and other states only for the devotees of Bhagavan Nityananda to carry out seva. They function independently towards this cause. There is no Guru or disciple that has been nominated in any of those Seva Samithis. Also there is no spiritual instructions / Shaktipath Initiation / any form of Yoga offered through these Seva Samithis.

Vijayananda Swamiji has not initiated anybody as his disciple and he has not nominated anybody to manage the Ashram.

Recently there had been reports that a person claiming to be a disciple of Vijayanand Swamiji and Anandashram had been misleading devotees which led to giving clarity on the above-mentioned information. Therefore, kindly get in touch with Ashram Management or Swamiji if you find any such incidents.

Nityam Shubham Anandam

Nityananda Seva Samiti,
Anandashram, Bevinkoppa

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