Avadootha Gopala Mama

🙏 Om namo bhagavathe Nithyanandaya🙏

Born in a Mogaveera family in a place called Padubidri a little boy named Gopal by the blessings of bhagwan nithyanand – Gopal Mama got an opportunity to study Aeronautic engineering .for which Gopal Mama came to Ganeshpuri and asked Bhagwan regarding to joining for aeronautic study and to seek his blessings. Bhagwan replied saying ” no need of a job of the planes that fly up in the sky, instead stay here and become the engineer on the earth – stay here and clean the three hot water kund ‘s in ganeshpuri ” saying so Bhagwan ordered him. With out even thinking for a fraction of a second Gopal Mama agreed and got started with his seva karya. The words of Bhagwan ” clean and wash the three kundas ” in these words there is the mahan adyathmika thathva, which is the Tripurarahasya. Inside our body there are Tripuras- from the Muladhara to the Nabhi – its the “Agni kanda”, later till the Vishudga the throat area its the” Surya Kanda”, and then till the Sahastra its the ” Chandra Kanda”. These three Kanda’s should be purified, the Nadi’s should be purified. Based on this Bhagwan had built in the three Kundas at Ganeshpuri. At Vajreshwari there are three Devi’s murthi ‘s, this is what we have inside us the Devi Purna which means Deha ( body) Purna which is Echa Shakti, Kriya Shakti, Gyana Shakti for which has to be known first, later it will have the Kalika Darshan which means the Kundalini Shakti. After which having bath in the three Kundas and become Anthar Shuddhi. Later is the Datta Murthi, Guru Brahma, Guru Vishnu, Guru Devo maheshwara. Later is the Ganapthi the Muladhara Chakra. From which the Mukyaprana which is the Pranayama made, later is the Vishnu Darshana the Vishudhi Chakra – Later is the Nandi ( our mind) which is powerful and ugra ( vigorously running) when seat peaceful, Later inside is the Bhimeshwara Linga along with Parvati darshan that is the Ajna Chakra and after which the Samadhi mandir of ” Parabrahma ‘s” darshan the mukyapuja at Ganeshpuri’ s Parabrahma Nithyananda, after which taking and drinking the tirtha which is the amrit which flows from the Sahastrara and having eaten the Shiraprasad. Which is i in the shira in the joyful nectar and eating it. From which we have the Krishna Darshan in the Sahastrara Chakra – where the shiva is being seat and in form of krishna attracts the Kundalini Shakti (Radha) , the one who attracts the Kundalini Shakti itself is Krishna. At Ganeshpuri the main pooja is being done to the Parabrahma. This is the Mahima of Ganeshpuri. This my personal Anubhava. This is my Masthaka Gyana which i realised in my Dhyana, where as it is not Pusthaka Gyana or evidence for it .

All this us available only through Guru seva. Gopal Mama gained this fortune through the seva of Bhagwan Nithyananda himself.

Doing the Charan seva of Bhagwan and walking on the path which was being showed by Bhagwan Nithyananda and by doing Sarvasanga Parithyaga. “Gyana sindu” granth written by Chidananda Avadhootha

InGuru geetha the 108 Shloka Where Shiva says to Parvati –

” Shruthi Smrithi Avigyana Kevalm Gurusevakam
Tey Vai Sanyasam Prokshatha Ethare Veshadharinam”
Which means that – without even having the knowledge of any Shruti, Puranas, Vedas, just by doing Guru seva the sevaka becomes a real sanyasi as his seva towards his guru and the kripa of his guru purify his soul and karma, other who tend to be a sanyasi by we are sanyasi clothes, where as in reality they are Veshadhari’s ( Pretenders).

Where as Gopal Mama was a real sanyasi, he always wore white clothes( which was just for the outer world). By steady thoughts, pure thoughts, clear thoughts had made home inside Gopal Mama. He was always a straight forward speaking man. For him ” om namo bhagavathe nithyanandaya” was the only mantra, Bhagwan Nithyananda was the only ” God “, whom all thought that he was a Samanya man but in real he was a Asamanya Yogi was Pujya Gopal Mama. For whom Mowna was Dhyana, Nithyananda was stavana, and doing Bhagwan Nithyananda ‘s seva, Balabhojan, cleaning Kailasha Bhavan and by activity participating in all the activities of Ganeshpuri and guided through out it. In such a way we were able to get the Devine Jyothi through Bhagwan Nithyananda and which showed us the ” Karunala “.

Nayak swami who stayed in Bangaluruvala building – told me there lived a Mahathma named ” Gopal Mama” who was the Parama shishya of Bhagwan Nithyananda and had done seva of Bhagwan Nithyananda. He asked me to go and meet him and seek his blessings as he had Apara shakti in him. When I first met Gopal Mama , he spoke very Casually as if he had knew me before. His voice was very fine many a times when i had visited him he spoke to me about Bhagwan Nithyananda’s thathva’s. Once when I asked to him about – Bhagwan Nithyananda ‘s murthi at Ganeshpuri which was painted ina dark complexion and which looked beautiful and attractive like a normal beauty. But now it is being painted gold, why so?. In return he told me that do not get into unnecessary thoughts, does Nithyananda have any color?, are going to see the alankar… Or to seek his kripa Ashirwad? , tell me? When you go to Ganeshpuri just directly go to the samadhi and seek his. Blessings and come. Just remain silent ( Mowna). ” Thoruvike yale Eruvike ” which ment that Showing out is not important but to remain being what you are inside is important.

By offering the pranams to a great Yogi like Gopal Mama and a devote like him, he used to feel it as unnecessary and he never desired any kind of honors as he used to oppose it. In his Drishti the only one who was Asadaharan was the only one – that was the only Adwithiya Parabrahma Bhagwan Nithyananda.

Gopal Mama got in touch with Panchal who was a Nithyananda devotee and gave me his address and asked me to go to Mumbai and meet him as he would help me financially to get my ashram built at Belgam Bevinakoppa . As per Gopal Mama ‘s instructions I went and met him and he gave secret donation towards the ashram .

Ganeshpuri’ s Balu Bhat who is the pujary of Bhagwan Nithyananda’ s samadhi mandir, Gopal Mama had appointed him at a very young age at the age of 15 years, at the early morning dawn at 3’0′ clock Gopal Mama used to wake up and used to call ” Balu” in a loud voice and wake him up. Gopal Mama was a man with disciplines – and so early morning it self tge kundas used to be cleaned and used to do his work – until late night he used to be and then go to sleep and wake up early in the morning.
In case if people were about to come for his visit he used get food cooked before handedly. This was being told to me by his Parama Bhaktha Dr. S. L Patil

On my last visit to Gopal Mama he had spoken to me for about 15 minutes and had told me about Ganeshpuri ‘s Mahathva, he had also disclosed few secrets of Ganeshpuri and had also foretold me about the incidents which will be taking place in future. He was very much sickened and tiered of everything hence had taken ” Mowna”.

The strange thing was that i was about get my book ” Avadhootha Bhagwan Nithyananda” in kannada to be printed at that time Gopal Mama had take Mowna, but at that time me along with Dr S L Patili met Vasantha Mama who was a devotee of Gopal Mama and along with Gopal Mama had done his seva and had written the grantha ” Karunalu Belaku ” and along with Dr S. L Patil, Kalyanpur.

At the house of Vasantha Mama Suru Shri Karkera who had helped financially to get the books printed, along with others , Dr S. L Patil, Subhas Amin, Krishan Murthi, Ravi Anchan, photographer Niranjan, Dinesh Amin all got together and got outline sketch of the book and was being printed.

Gopal Mama lived in a peaceful house, it was being told that. he was being partially paralyzed. During this time i had an opportunity to met him three times –
When ever I went and touched his feet, he used to partially open his eyes and in a very low voice he used to say ” om namo bhagavathe nithyanandaya”.On 20-3-2008 Thursday early morning at 4’0’ clock he became leena in Bhagwan Nithyananda, Brahmaleena.

He had told me that ” do not do or get into any kind of politics, do not get into any kind of arguments, do not make any discrimination, do not any kind arguments that ‘s relating to explanation about Bhagwan Nithyananda. As your vibrations would spoil”. These words of Gopal Mama is always kept in mind. Near Gopal Mama’ s house a huge Dhyana Mandir is being established. This march when i had been to his house i remembered few lines from ” Guru Geeta ” granth –

” Anthatham Karanadali Guruvina Dhyana madutha, swayam Shishyanu Brahmamayinaguthane, Pindadali, Padaralli, Roopadali, Avanu Mukthanaguvudarali Samshayavila”

Which ment that deep within your heart doing the Guru’s Dhyana, shishya himself becomes Brahmamaya, from the Pinda till the Padha , he will become Muktha in roopa, there is no doubt regarding this.

Avadootha Gopal Mama who had become Nithyamuktha, Sevaka, Shishya, and in form of a Guru and had Blessed us, – has not gone anywhere but will always remain ‘Nitya’.

“Gyani ge Manasila” these words are being said by Bhagwan Nithyananda in Chidakasha Geeta. Gopal mama was such a Devine soul, who spend his life in Mowna ans and doing Guru seva karya, he had no Manasu (inclination) toward anything, as he had given up everything thing. Gopal mama did not preach anyone about Chidakasha geeta nor did he explain it to anyone instead he practiced it his life. He followed the words of his guru without even giving a thought, when Bhagwan asked him to give up his aeronautics studies and become an engineer on the ground – as Bhagwan wanted make him the engineer of the Bhumnadal – Bhagwan himself is the whole universe and staying in ganeshpuri and doing his seva made gopal mama the engineer od the Bhoomandal. By the kripa ashirwad of Bhagwan Nithyananda, Gopal Mama had reached the unmani sithi one of six sithi of an Avadhootha even though he looked as an ordinary man for the outer world but his guru seva made him as an Avadhootha. The reason i call Gopal Mama as an Avadhootha is because – Avadhootha is state, a stithi which a common man is unable to understand it. Avadhootha state is unfathomable to our minds. His significance cannot be described even by a common man under the desire towards materialistic comforts it is beyond the definition to him. To understand an Avadhootha it necessary to surrender our self to the Guru we need experience by meeting them, or by doing their Seva. I have wander around and have studied Avadhoothas personally, i met many Avadhoothas and has been blessed by many of them, i have done seva for two years for day and night of my Guru Avadhootha Sogala Ajja.

Avadhootha – Balya, Unmatta and Pishacha., Andha, Mooka, Badhira. Totally there are six stages of an Avadhootha. Gopal Mama did not have any kind disease. He was in the unmani sithi one among the six sthiti in which they do not have manasu , i was able to recognise it as He was in the samadhi sithi. he used to partially open his eyes and in a very low voice he used to say ” om namo bhagavathe nithyanandaya”.Hence I call Gopal Mama a sanyasi through his karma and guru seva karya which took him to the path of mukti ( Salvation).

🙏 Namo Nithyanadaya🙏

Written by Swami Vijayananda (Avadhootha Darshan)

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