Avadhootha Uguru Swami

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The kripa from Avadhootha

When Pujya Vijayananada Swamiji was writing an article on avadhootha uguru swami He tried a lot to find a picture of the Avadhootha and enquired with sandeep Chennai and Vidya Netrekar and others who had accompanied along with him to the samadhi of the Avadhootha Uguru swami But he was unable to get one as all said that photograph was being deleted. so he just tried to sketch out, thinking it help the readers to understand better what he was trying to explain out by the article. But as he completed writing the article and had a live talk on it on the social media today morning at 9 am and the article got posted, within a couple of hours I received the Avadhootha Uguru swami’ s photograph .Vidya Netrekar who is in England right now and a Devotee of Bhagwan Nithyananda , shakthipath sadak suddenly today she found the picture of the Avadhootha Uguru swami on here laptop and she sent it to Pujya Vijayananada Swamiji which Pujya Vijayananada Swamiji wished to share it out to all the devotees .This could be said as a miracle or the kripa from the Avadhootha Uguru swami on Pujya Vijayananada Swamiji for selfless service towards the universe on the path of divinity. His ashram at Bevinakoppa is place for miracles as it is a Sidha bhoomi.

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