Visiting home of Shri. Shankar Nair, son of Shri. P.K. Nair

Swami Vijayananda visits the home of Shri. Shankar Nair, the son of Shri. P.K. Nair who was a great devotee of Bhagwan Nityananda. Bhagwan used to visit Shri. P.K. Nair’s home and had shared many things with him, which he wrote in his many books later.


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Bhagwan Nithyanand Devotee Shankar Nair and Sri Bhagwan Nithyananda’s Devine Padukas

Mumbai ‘s famous Lawyer P. K Nair who is a Parama Bhaktha of Bhagwan Nithyananda – being a criminal lawyer, how should he argue in the court – was being previously guided by Bhagwan Nithyananda. Under the guidance of Bhagwan P. K Nair used to win the cases.
P. K Nair used to serve Bhagwan pure heartedly. Bhagwan used to tell P. K Nair about all the incidents regarding from Bhagawan’s Balya avastha to till his arrival to Ganeshpuri, his leelas, his miracles, his thathva ‘s . P. K Nair got the devine fortune to note down all the information and collect and wrote it down in malyalam – which was being given by Bhagwan to him. Later when P. V. Ravindran came to Bhagwan and asked for the permission to write a book related to Bhagwan – he blessed him and said that all information required regarding him was with P K Nair (the script) based on which Ravindran had written the book “Sadguru Nithyananda Bhagwan” in English and malyalam . The script which P K Nair had maintained was also being given to Gopal Mama – which the base of Gopal mama’s book. ” Karunala belaku”. Later P K Nair handed over the Devine script to his son Shankar Nair. Shankar Nair had given the same script to me – from which i had taken few information and the remaining was being written by him through his hard efforts. Thus he wrote ” Avadhootha Bhagwan Nithyananda”. P K Nair’s hand written script was the basic foundation for many of the books regarding the Bhagwan’s Charitra, which was being written by the devotees of bhagwan.

At Ganeshpuri Bhagwan had made arrangements for thousands of children’s to have Bala bhojan. For which Bhagwan had made a Committee for which Babu Bhai was made the Chairman, P K Nair was being appointed as the secretary and Parik Shet, Bhoja Shetty , Shanthram Shetty, Sheshanna were being appointed as the members.

By the Devine blessings of bhagwan itself P. K Nair had got married. On the punya day of Shivarathri a baby boy was being born to the Nair family from which Bhagwan had made the Namakaran of the baby boy as “Shankara “. Later on day Bhagwan Nithyananda through his Devine hasta ‘s gave P K Nair his divine Padukas. Regarding which P K Nair son Shankar Nair says so –

“A gift to my father”

My father Shri P.K Nair had the good fortune of doing seva to Baba for almost 12 years.His usual schedule was to go to Ganeshpuri during week ends (he used to start early Saturday morning and return late Sunday evening to his residence at Matunga) During this period he saw many devotees bringing padukas and getting it blessed by Bhagwan . He also wished to get a pair of padukas blessed by Baba for himself but could not find the courage to ask Baba for it.
Baba used to walk around barefooted always.One late evening as Baba and my father were sitting at Kailash, Baba suddenly got up , went into one of the rooms and came out wearing padukas.He also carried a torchlight in his hand.Coming near my father he handed the torchlight to him and asked him to follow.They proceeded towards the Krishna temple ( behind the Samadhi Mandir) where Baba removed the padukas outside at the door.He enters the Krishna temple and instructs my father to flash the torchlight towards a bell which needed to be fixed.After fixing the bell he quickly proceeds towards Kailash barefooted leaving the padukas at the door of the temple.My father realising that Baba had left the padukas behind calls out to him reminding him of the same, where upon Baba tells my father to keep it for himself .This is how the padukas have come to us
( As told to me (Shankar Nair) by my father )

I used to write articles as ” Avadhootha Bhagwan Nithyananda” which used to be published in Kannada newspaper ” Karnataka Malla” in Mumbai , which was being published for 6 long years.

It once happened so that i received a call on my phone through Shankar Nair and got introduced to him. I had visited his house when I had been to Mumbai. Where Shankar Nair gave me the Devine script which his father P K Nair had written and also in his house i got the devine opportunity to offer my pranams to Devine Padukas of Bhagwan from which I could feel the Devine vibrations that gave me the encouragement to write the book ” Avadhootha Bhagwan Nithyananda”.

When I used to visit to Mumbai sometimes I used to stay back in Shankar Nair ‘s house. I was given the same room in which Bhagwan’ s Padukas were being kept. In the earlier house of Shankar Nair the Padukas were being kept in a small Mantapa on the floor and i was given a bed to sleep, it once happened so that as i was fast a sleep, suddenly i woke up, it was as if somebody woke me up – near by i could hear somebody deeply taking his breaths. When I turned myself towards the Padukas i could see a Sidha purush from Sidha marga wearing white clothes and sitting next to the Padukas of Bhagwan, i could see the light coming from his Ajna Chakra and the positive divine vibrations were coming from him. I sat and became Dyanasaktha – everything became shunya and I had a divine experience.

This is a great example to show that Sakshat Bhagwan nithyananda himself resides in his “Devine Padukas”. As Bhagwan Nithyananda himself is Sideshwara Parabrahma so where he resides many Sidhas, Yogies, get connected through his Padukas. This is the real truth as i have experienced it.

As all devotees of bhagwan cannot effort to visit to Mumbai and have the the Darshana of the Devine Padukas. So when a huge function of Sarva Dharma sammelan was being held at Bevinakoppa ashram – the celebration took for about seven days at Bevinakoppa in our ashram. In which Dharma Guru’s from all religions had participated and lakhs to lakhs of devotees had participated.

The Devine Padukas from Shankar Nair’s house was being brought to the samelana – such arrangements were made that – which all devotees who participated, could offer their Namaskaras to the Padukas and could seek the ashirwad from Bhagwan Nithyananda. Lakhs to lakhs od devotees got the darshana of Bhagwan’s Padukas. Later in the inaugural function of the book ” Parabrahma Bhagwan nithyananda” thousands of devotees had got the chance to seek the Darshana of the Devine Padukas of Bhagwan.

In the “Nithyananda Japa Yajna” at Bangalore which was held at Konan kunta’s Kanakashram in the sanidhya of Kashinath Maharaj who had done sadhana along with Mukunda Swami , where ” Akhanda nama smarana” of Bhagwan Nithyananda was held and three thousand children’s were given Bala Bhojan and thousands of people were served food. In this function the arrangements were being made for the Darshana of the Devine Padukas of Bhagwan Nithyananda.

When i was wrote the the book ” Parabrahma Nithyananda and had been to Udupi for the publication of the book – and to meet Ganesh Pai the owner of Bharath printing press. One od the businessman from promised to sponsor for the publication of the books which i had told it to Ganesh Pai. Later the sponsor from Mumbai called up to Ganesh Pai and said that he would not being sponsoring any money for the printing of the books. Ganesh Pai called me and informed me about the matter. I informed Shankar Nair regarding this situation. On the same day of evening Shankar Nair called me up on my phone and said that – ” Swami please do not worry as we have Bhagwan Nithyananda’s Kripa ashirwad, one of the Mumbai’s businessman Manjunath Bannur has agreed to sponsor and help, he not only agreed the sponseration but also the members of the Nithyananda Seva samithi got together and started with a commitee named ” Nithya Prakashana ” got started. The inaugural function took place at Mumbai’s Kandivali with a big bang.

At Shankar Nair’s house – to his parents Bhagwan Nithyananda had Blessed giving a hand full of raw rice. Those raw rice is still the same as it was then, not a single grain os being spoiled. Those rice grains were being kept in a small air tight container, a cap which was being used by him, his sweater and the hand fans which were being used to fan Bhagwan, which was being given by Bhagwan Nithyananda to his father. A few photographs of it is being attached in the end of this article.

In Shankar Nair ‘s house When I saw those rice grains i was delighted and thought and wished to have few grains from them but I did not ask for it from Shankar Nair. when I saw those rice grains in the container and gave it back to Shankar Nair as I was about to get up and took my shoulder bag to put on, few of those rice grains had been spilled on my lap. But the surprising thing was the container was sealed tightly and we had not even opened the container. Looking at this leela of Bhagwan Nithyananda i was heartfully thanked Bhagwan and offered my pranams to him.

Once when me and Shankar Nair had been to khanjangad to Nithyananda ashram and were being seated near Pujya Janananda Swami ‘s samadhi mandir platform and had a small talk saying that when Bhagwan Nithyananda was in his human form, at 3’0′ clock in the post noon, he used to be served with a cup of black coffee with ghee added to it and even now at Ganeshpuri the same routine is being carried forward, at Ganeshpuri now they serve a cup of black coffee with milk added to it and is being kept near the Padukas and the samadhi as Naivedyam. Hearing to this Shankar Nair – after he went back to Mumbai he asked his wife Nadini Nair to keep a cup of black coffee with ghee added to it before the Padukas. Shankar Nair went back and asked his wife Nandini Nair to keep the cup of black coffee with ghee added to it and keep before the Padukas at 3’0’ clock afternoon . Nandini Nair did as it was said, on one Sunday afternoon she fell fast a sleep on the sofa cushion and forgot to keep the balck coffee in God’s room ( where the Padukas were being kept) as she had made and kept it in the kitchen. Suddenly she felt like somebody woke her up from the sleep and when she woke up she was surprised to see that from God’s room Bhagwan Nithyananda came briskly walking and went towards the kitchen and after a while came out relaxed and walked towards the God’s room. Looking at this she was held speechless and was also scared looking at what happened. This is a true example that shows that Bhagavan Nithyananda lays in the house and hearts of his true devotees.

Bhagwan Nithyananda is universal he is just not limited to Ganeshpuri oe Khanjangad. Wherever his shishya’s, devotees, his admirers admire him, wherever his thathva ‘s are being followed sincerely and heartfully will be there for sure he resides. Wherever his devotees will offer their pure shraddha looking at his kriyaroopa they should be proud.

Even though Bhagwan had spent most of his life time in ganeshpuri but his jeevana drishti is spread everywhere through out the universe. There is no limitation of kala, Desha, ethi, mithi as he is beyond all this, he is Vishwa Chaithanya, he had lived in a Anikethana sthiti, there is no Kalatheetha , Anantha.

One more incident that happened with Nandini Nair was. She had Developed a complication in lower stomach, a lump was being built inside her stomach which had developed pus in it . The doctors said she needs to get injected out with the pus and removed and in this process she will have to bear the pain. Hearing this she was traumatized and the whole night kept praying to Bhagwan that ” Rakshisu Deva Nithyananda” and kept doing his Smaran. Suddenly she developed sivier pain in her stomach and heard a sound and when she touched her belly she saw the pus and blood had come out looking at this got frightened and called up the doctor and told him everything. Hearing to Nandi Nair the doctor replied saying ” you are lucky the lump got broken off on by itself and the pus and blood came out by itself, so there is nothing to worry about?. No you can go back into a safe and deep sleep “. Hearing this she was relaxed they cleaned up the mess and had a good sleep, morning at 3’0’ AM she woke up as she heard the door sounds, the door got opened, Bhagwan Nithyananda was standing in the middle of the door and said in malyalam language” now every thing is fine, every thing is fine, do not worry. No do you belive ” saying so he vanished from there. The very next day this happened Shankar Nair called me on my phone and let me know what had happened.

By the punya seva phal of P K Nair, the script which he had written gave the foundation for the granth rachnas of Ravindran Nadkarni, Gopal Mama. Bhagwan Nithyananda resides in the house of Shankar Nair. Shankar Nair ‘s son Tushar is studying in a army school. Bhagwan Nithyananda is Sarva Vyapi

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Written by Swami Vijayananda (Avadhootha Darshan)

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