Siddha Mahayogi Pujya Sridharananada Swami Maharaj

🙏 Om namo Bhagavathe Nithyanandaya🙏

Pujya Shivananda Paramahamsa who was a Maha purush from Kerala a small village named Badagara near calicut Sthapaned sidha ashram and Sthapaned sidhasamaja. The desciples are called as Sidha vidyarthi where they are taught sidha vidhya and along with that there are taught to make Sidha Aushada, his desciple of Pujya Mathananda swami. He was a great Sidha vidyarthi , as per his Guru’s orders – he traveling through out he came to Bailhongal taluk, sogala Kshetra and there in a top hilled cave he did his Sidha yoga sadhana in secret and attained purnathva and became a Sidha purush . Later he established swargashram and gave Sidha yoga deeksha to many people and accepted Pujya Madhavananda and Sridarananda as his desciples. Every once in a year he used to visit Ganeshpuri and have Darshan of Bhagwan Nithyananda and come. In 1961 Bhagwan Nithyananda took his sthirasamadhi and in 1962 Pujya Mathananda swami took his sthirasamadhi.

 It once happened so that there was no milk to add for the tea so he took some water in a bottle and started to stir in the bottle and turned it into hot boiling milk and served tea for his devotees. As he e had turned water into milk for his devotees he had turned many Agyanis into Gyanis and gave brahma vidya to mumukshu and showed that they could attain moksha through Brahma Gyana.

After Bhagwan Nithyananda took his sthirasamadhi In 1961. One day he asked a devotee to ring the bell of swargashram and as he rang – step by step he gave his shakthi and reached to Brahmarandra and took his sthirasamadhi in 1962 and became Brahmaleena.

To him a young man named Sridar from Badagara had come, for whom he had asked to take care of the cows as a cow boy and later gave him Brahma vidya and later named him as Sridarananda Swami. Who later established a small ashram at near sampagav, a small village named sanikoppa and later his devotees had donated a small piece of land in Thadkode village where , he established ‘ Athmaparishodana Ashram’.

When i was in sogala Kshetra i had practiced learned sidha vidya ( Ajapa Gayathri) and had learned Sidha veda Granth’s from sidha vidya’s sadak named Yellappa sadhu and Pujya Mohan swami. I was not to follow his 64 th nadavali’s – there we had to take bath in hot water itself, and had to do pranayam in Gatha Gatha in a faster speed inside our self, and had to to practice brisk walking . As Bhagwan Nithyananda had said that doing is all “Hatta Yoga “. Hence when I used to practice this sadhana i was not able to practice, and any sadhana i tried to practice – within my self ” om namo Bhagavathe Nithyanandaya” mantra used to get started chanted by itself.

Even after coming from Maloor ashram and established Bevinakoppa Nithyananda ashram, when I used to go to Dharwad I used to go and visit Pujya Shridarananda swami and seek his Darshan and blessings.

Pujya Sridarananda swami who had attained Avadhootha sthiti – his drishti was urdhva drishti ( sambhavi mudra). As when Pujya Janananda swami had the same drishti and had become Sidha purusha. Pujya Sridarananda swami never left his ashram and gone out, he made a cave inside his ashram and doing his sadhna and enjoying the blissful peace with in him.

For such a great mahatma who had a pure heart and soul some of the local goons who were into fake currency printing and were into charges so the opponents laid a conspiracy against him and charged him saying that fake currency notes were being getting printed in his ashram and to prove these fake charges they had planted the printing ink bottle in his cave. On basics orb the evidence the police had charged him and had arrested him had taken him to the police station. In spite of such fake conspiracy charges Pujya Sridarananda swami did not react he just laid silent and gave up food and finally he was proved innocent from the charges and was set free.

Once a rich devote had purchased a brand new car and came to me and took me along with him to Pujya Sridarananda swami ‘s ashram to seek his Darshana. There the devote asked us to go out for a ride – at once Pujya Sridarananda swami got inside the car and asked the devotee to take two rounds inside the compound but i will not come outside of the ashram.

Pujya Sridarananda swami was a straight forward mahatma , he never feared to say the truth, he used to say things as it is. Later be told me that ” this rich guy is only rich by his money, incase he loses all his money then he is a popper. Should be rich by heart, this fellow does not give anything, he only says that he will give this and that and many a times he has made you roam from morning to night but the truth is that he will not give anything as promised. Do not go along with such people stay back in your ashram, do your sadhana. Do not search for Bhagwan Nithyananda outside but search for him with in you”.

He used to say it to me in kannada ” Dudko Paddko ” which ment that Earn and gain the meaning behind it was that we have to work ( do Sadana) by which we can gain ( by which we can gain moksha) “.

When i had been to visit Pujya Sridaranand swami he said to me ” do not go in searching out side you, search with in you after which there is no such as outside, up down so everything and everywhere is” Chidakasha “, which means everything is Akasha, Akasha, Akasha”.

Few days before Pujya Sridaranand swami took his sthirasamadhi, he had spoken to me for long hours. He told me that ” read Sidha veda Grantha, in Sidha margha you need not fear for any any one, do not think bad for others, do not criticize others, you are being protected by the Sidha Mahathmas” and told two incidents which he witnessed –

It once happened so with Pujya Mathananda Swami that few people harresed saying to teach the vidya of how to make gold and when he did not he was being beaten up by sticks by the people but on the same night they were automatically beaten by the sticks by them self – very next day they visited the Mahathma and asked for forgiveness.

Once a goon tried to shoot Pujya Mathanannda swami with his gun – but the bullet did not fired out, in return Mathanannda swami swami said ” you tried to shoot me but you it was not me it’s you, you, you “. On the day evening the goon was being shot by other people and was killed.

Pujya Mathanannda swami when he had come to Sogala Kshetra it was a forest area. He used to climb the hills with the help of the strong creepers and do Khatiana sadhana in the cave . At that point of time a muslim man named Goresab Nadaf who was from savadhathi taluk Yekundi grama, built a small thatched hut for Pujya Mathanannda swami and stayed along with him and did his seva for many years. His son Makhdhoom saheb who resided in Bevinakoppa. His son Goresab Nadaf stayed in our ashram and is being doing his seva in our ashram and will out fail on every Friday performing he Friday Namaz, studied MSW and working under a government job in Karwar.

He actively participates in all of our Dharma Karyas, and makes speech’s and writing articles based on Dharma, Guru thathva, taking the lead on the programs of ashram, and strongly flowing Sarva Dharma Samanathva which is being preached by Bhagwan Nithyananda Ajathavada thathva , and showing it.

In Bevinakoppa Nithyananda Ashram Sarva Dharma Samanathva is being followed with love towards all Dharma’s – All cast and creed Karyas are being with togetherness.

The fruits of Seva which was being by his grandfather who had stayed in sogala Swarg ashram and by doing Guru seva and which is being ripped by his grandson by staying in Nithyananda Ashram and studying and giving respect to all and by just not saying, following and practicing strongly the mantra of ” Lokha samastha sukhino bhavanthu”.

I even now go to the samadhi mandir of Pujya Sridarananda swami ‘s and in the peaceful environment I become Dhyanasakth. Pujya Sridarananda swami who had attained Avadhootha sithi going and visiting him and gaining his blessings is a great fortune of my many life’s. I am fortunate enough, all is by the grace and blessings from Bhagwan Nithyananda.

🙏 Namo Nithyanadaya🙏

Written by Swami Vijayananda (Avadhootha Darshan)

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