Jeevanmuktha sthithi Avadhootha Buddepajji, Naranur

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Jeevanmuktha sithi Avadhootha Buddepajji Naranur

Through one of our beloved named Akkiyellappa i came to know that at Bagalkot jilla’s Keruru grama in a place nearby called Naranur there lived an Avadhootha named Buddepajji Naranurwho lived in a Jeevanmuktha sithi. Akkiyellappa had visited many other Avadhoothas and had seeked their blessings.

Through who removed his Chitthavrithi, and forgot that he had Chitthavrithi and forgetting the old memories and live in Poornananda which is Nithyananda sithi that is called as Jeevanmuktha sithi. Being spellbound and forgetting the physical presence and is able to see Parabrahma in every single form is Jeevanmuktha.

Avadootha Buddepajji was being born in a rich shepherd family. Who grew up rearing the sheeps in the field and and sat under a tree and be Dhyana sakta. Through sahaja yoga Buddepajji had reached the Avadhootha sithi. For a Jeevanmuktha where is a Guru – Shishya?.

Me along with Akkiyellappa, Pujya Raghavendra Bharthi swami from Belthangady, Dr Kalasanavar, Jambige went to seek the Darshana of Avadhootha Buddepajjia . In a house at Naranur we saw the enlightened Avadhootha Buddepajja sitting. When we thought to garland him we realized that we had left the garland in the car itself. Avadhootha Buddepajja came to know that and looking towards us he told – flowers always look good at plants, why to make a garland out of it and put on idols and by doing so what do we get ?. Later he turned towards Pujya Raghavendra Bharthi swami and said – by holding a Danda in your hand what can you gain? , by wearing rudrakshi what can you gain?, By wearing Khavi what will you gain?, what will you gain?, what will you gain?. Hearing to the Avadhoothas words raghvendra swami was speechless. After which Buddepajja turning towards my self he said – Now you tell me swami. Listening to it i humbly replied – i have not come her to say anything Thatha instead I have come here to listen what you say. Hearing to this he said – Humm so you give medicines and treat the sick people, i am not able to hear properly – what can you do for it? Will you be able to give any medicine for it?. I replied humbly to Avadhootha’s questions – i might be able to give medicines to your physically ears but what medicine can I give to those ears which hear everything from inside….

Listening to my words he said ears which can hear are different, are different, and came close to me and said – Athma, Athma, Athma, and said – This man is a huge tree – in future which will give shelter to many people. Hearing his words i replied humbly – yes ajja but i am a tamarind tree. In return the Avadhoothas replied saying – Tamarind is Amrit, Bevu ( Neem) is Amrit. Turning towards Pujya Raghavendra Bharthi swami he said – Danda ( stick) and on top of it a trishul is kept, stop holding this Danda and roaming by all over sit in ome place and make sadhana. Who would take care of this swami?. Hearing his nobody replied. Buddepajja continued saying – One day this swami’s body will be taken into the river. The words of the Avadhootha came true – in one of the ashram at Gujrat near Magod Station as per to Raghavendra Bharthi swami ‘s wish on this month of February Raghavendra Bharthi took Jalasamadhi in a river near Valsad, Pujya Mahamandaleshwar nithyananda sarsawathi established shanti mandir he was the desciple of Pujya Mukthanada paramahamsa had established shanti mandir Nithyananda Ashram, Pujya Raghavendra Bharthi had stayed there for a long time and was treated with great affection. he was great devotee of Bhagwan Nithyananda hence he took his samadhi there .

Avadootha Buddepajja had also warned the former Mukya Mantri Ramakrishna Hegde not to participate in the elections in Bagalkot as it will spoil his career. Political leaders from Karnataka and Delhi have come and visited Buddepajja and seeked his blessings. Looking at such minister the Avadhootha would say – you have made money in crores then why do you come here to seek my blessings?. Even though Buddepajja was not educated but he used to guide ministers and renounced people.

Buddepajjia used to not accept money, flowers, fruits. Who ever would come to seek hos Darshan he used to give Churmuri ( puffed rice) and tea and send them. It once happened so that a Mattadipati of a wealthy Matta had come to visit Buddepajjia and asked whether he could make his blood relation as the mattadipati after him as the Matta contained crores of rupees in its account. Buddepajjia replied saying give the attachment towards money and relation.

Once me along with the Nithyananda bhaktha Dinesh Ameen from Mumbai had come to Buddepajjia to seek his Darshan. He said looking at me – give this swami a deer skin so that he could sit on it and do his Dhyana and a copper bucket in which he could take his bath. I was unable to understand why.

His kidneys had failed and he needed to get them operated so he was being admitted to the hospital. Suddenly there was a blast in the theater were the focus light bulb got blasted and Buddepajjia got up and came walking to naranur

It once happened so that Akkiyellappa had take a Devi sakshathkar Sharanamma to Buddepajjia. Buddepajjia gave her a fruit to eat. For which she offered him fruits Buddepajjia replied saying if I eat these fruits i will get boils in my mouth. Buddepajjia replied saying – you say you have been Devi sakshathkar then why did you build a Datta mandir why so?. Later the Sharanamma brought a big trishul and showing to Buddepajjia she said – this trishul Devi her self had come and gave to me. Nothing was being hidden from the Avadhootha, Buddepajjia replied saying – no this trishul Devi did not come and give you but a Blacksmith from Bijapur. Which a devotee of yours have given it to you. Trishul is not a weapon but it represents – Sathvik, Rajasik, Thamasik gunnas from which we should be free that is the real trishul thus Shakthi swaroopini holds it in her hand and a symbol of Gyana.

Once Buddepajjia ‘s had been in flight to Kashi yatra where he stayed for 18 days without having food or water. Once Akkiyellappa visited our ashram and said that Naddari ( yearly function) in Buddepajjia’ s place lets go. Hence he called up the Doctor wife from Kerruru and said that i would be accompanying him and totally six members would be going to the festival so we would coming for lunch. Doctor’s wife agreed to cook for us by saying – humm please come. Hence we left to naranur. There we sat for a long time talking. Buddepajja looking towards us said so today you’ll will be having lunch in Doctor’s house. Hearing this we all were shocked. He continued saying – you’ll said six will be for lunch, who is that six do you’ll know. Doctor’s wife agreed saying yes and asked us to come. Keruru’s Doctor was the Parama bhaktha of Buddepajja . He used to come check up with Buddepajja ‘s health when Buddepajja used to fall sick. Buddepajja continued saying – Keruru’s doctor had once come to check up. The doctor checked with his pulse which was dropping out, seeing at the pulse dropping off the doctor panicked thinking that Buddepajja’ s time has come closer, at once he went off to bring money so that they could buy things things salt, vibhoothi balls Pathris that would be needed during the to preserve the body sthirasamadhi. But shockingly on the arrival of the doctor Buddepajja was sitting comfortably as nothing happened to him but on the same night the doctor died with the heart attack and the things that were being brought for Buddepajja ‘s samadhi was being used for the doctor’ s death body and the 12 th day of death karya was on the same day. So Buddepajja replied saying the doctor’s wife had called for the Shradha Karya go and have food there. This was a strange incident that had taken place.

On my next visit Buddepajja gave me a thick blanket and said take this it is your Kavacha ( shield) and said ” they will come to hit you but will get beaten, they will come to kick you but will be kicked off “. I was unable to understand the meaning of his words. Later after coming back to my ashram I took the same blanket and covering myself i went to sleep. Every morning i had a routine to get at morning 3 and go to bathroom and sit for my Dhyana. But specifically on that day I was unable to wake up and when I checked with time it was 5 in the morning and the boys in ashram had also not woken up. The door of the Dhyana mandir was open the offering box of the ashram was kept outside and lock was being broken, on top of it a pair of old slippers were being kept. I went and woke up the boys the door of the Kutira was being broken off, the place where I usually keep my slippers were being taken and kept in a different place, the books from the cupboard was being scattered all around, the food plates were being thrown outside looking at the scenario i came to that this was being done with a dangerous intention. Hence the local people decided to called the police to complaint while investigating we came to know that only 35 rupees from the offering box was being taken out and a shawl was being taken. I refused to give the complaint as I said what they gave they only took it hence i did not give a complaint.

A handicapped man named Ananth in village who had lost a leg. For him i had arranged a Prosthetic wooden leg through Lion’s club. He was told by a retired school master that incase he uses this prosthetic leg then he would not be getting handicapped pension from the government. Hence he had given that prosthetic leg to a blacksmith .The goons had brought it and made use of this prosthetic leg to break off the locks and had planned to hit off to death using the same leg.

After knowing all this i kept my silence the police took the prosthetic leg along with them in form of evidence, while taking along with them i just told them that – when they find the culprits let the police use the same prosthetic leg . After few days the culprits were being caught by the police and they were being beaten by the police by the same prosthetic leg.

The words of Buddepajja came true – the blanket which was being given to me by him became a shield to me and saved me. Incase if I would have woke up as my daily routine, then i would have been killed. Buddepajja words – they will come to beat but will be beaten, they will come to kick you but will be kicked. Later the goons who came to hit me told that they were being chased by a huge cobra when they were waiting for me to hit .

After two of this incident took place when I went and visited him, Buddepajja looking towards me said – your health will get bad get yourself admitted in KLE Hospital at Belgam . Hearing to his words a lady from that house asked Buddepajja – ajja why are you asking him to get admitted in the hospital as he is physically fit. Listening to the lady ‘s words Buddepajja started to laugh loudly and said you did not understand.

Later Buddepajja called his grand daughter who was studying English convent and said – Humm swami bless her with good for future. Hearing this i said – No No No when you are there to bless how can I bless as i am small and do not have that Yogyatha so how can I bless her?. Listening to my words Buddepajja replied saying – you- me, that – this, nothing you do it, as you do not know what you are, i know what is inside you so just bless her. Saying so he made me bless her. Buddepajjia was Jeevan muktha sithi the one who is free from all bondage just like butter floating in the butter milk as but is being made from butter milk but once it turns out to butter but does not get mixed with it. Just like that Buddepajjia though he lived with his family but he not there, hence he asked me to bless his grand daughter.

On my next visit to Buddepajja, i was accompanied by Mohan Acharya from Bangalore and Guru Govind from Ankola and our Bhaktha Mandali. Since once week Buddepajja had stopped giving Darshan and so we were not called inside. The lady over there told Buddepajja that – the swami from Bevinakoppa has come to visit him. Hearing this Buddepajja said – humm let him come and have a look and go. Buddepajja was sleeping on the bed facing towards the wall. We sat there for an hour and meditated and came out. When we reached out to the road and were about to get into the car, the lady for inside came running out calling out for me and said that – Buddepajja wants to meet only the swami of Bevinakoppa and nobody else. Hence I followed the lady inside. I stood there in a certain distance Buddepajja suddenly turned towards me and lifting both his hands up blessed me – my whole body was electrified and there was light coming from his body and eyes and with in few minutes there was light everywhere which was enough to prick out the eyes. It was wonderful, my whole body shivered. Buddepajja lifted one of his forefinger upwards and turned it round and slept back in the Same position.

After this incident took place Buddepajja was being admitted in KLE hospital. He had asked me to get admitted in KLE hospital but he was being admitted. What seems to be there is not there but what seems to be not there it is there. After coming from the hospital he became Aikya with the Parabrahma.

After this i went to his house and was able to get a photo of Buddepajja. Many people might have a question saying why did Jeevanmuktha sthiti’s Buddepajja lived in his house?. For the one who is in Poornathva sthiti and being in a jeevan muktha sithi there is no difference between a ashram and house, for him ashram, house, palace these are all just words. As he is Nirashrama, Anikethana, Nirvachaya, Nithyananda, Athyasramy.

Why did Buddepajja left his body in the hospital?. He did so as the the doctors and the workers in hospital could get a chance to do his seva hence he left his body. For a Mahatma in Jeevamuktha sithi could leave his body any where – in a smashan ( Burial place), in a lane where butcher’s live, in a palace, in a ashram, or on road, as when he is alive he is free from all this, he is muktha. He is Nithya truptha, Nithya muktha. For a Sarva Gyani Avadhootha has no Guna, no Dosha.
It is my Devine fortune to meet and seek the blessings of such a Jeevan Muktha and to write about him

🙏 Namo Nithyanadaya🙏

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